12th PEB conclusion: "domestic investments for jobs&quot

"Instead of sending our money abroad for buying fuel oil, we better create domestic jobs with the know-how of German engineers,” declared the German Minister of Environment (and member of the CDU) Norbert Rottgen. a There is no other energy and job machine that substitutes more energy and creates millions of sustainable jobs at the same time than the implementation of a PEB program. The initiates of the CO2-free hotel Ucliva acted according to Rottgen’s motto on June 23, 1978, when they founded a hotel co-operative in Waltensburg/Grisons. They wanted to create jobs in their alpine town at the Vorder Rhine in order to stop migration (see Fig. 44.51 with representatives of the actual managing committee and participating entrepreneurs Riccardo Bertogg and Dora Veraguth, co-founders of the hotel in 1978). The city parliament of Zurich has provisorily carried a respective single initiative (single initiative Cadonau) for the implementation of the 2000 Watt goals on February 10, 2010: The single initiative is based on the German, French and Japanese legislation and provides for a remuneration for PV feeding of only 20 €cts/kWh. On the other hand, an optimum integration will be remunerated with additional 20%, a better heat insulation with another 20%, Minergy-P/passive building: +20%, 2000 Watt goals: +20%, and for PlusEnergyBuildings +20%—i. e. in total = 40€cts/kWh. The initiative also foresees further competences for the government and exemption clauses in order to adapt the legislation to the respective conditions. See www. solaragentur. ch

Dr. Norbert Rottgen, German magazine "Der Spiegel”, 53/2009, p. 31.


Figure 44.51 From left to right: Gallus Cadonau, co-founder and first president of the Hotel Ucliva; Hansjorg Wehrli and Corina Issler Baetschi, members of actual managing committee; Swiss Councillor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Micheline Calmy-Rey as well as representatives of the involved SMEs (Dr. Martin Pfister, surgeon and co-founder of the hotel in 1978; Riccardo Bertogg, baker; Dora Veraguth, host of Restaurant Post).

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