9th PEB conclusion: Lord Foster is leading the way for architecture in the 21st century

The principles mentioned by Lord N. Foster at the 15th Swiss Solar Prize are valid also for the 20th Solar Prize and for architecture of the 21st century. "Architects, designers and planners cannot continue to ignore the damage our building inflict on the natural environment.” As the consequences of our past inaction become ever more apparent, designing for a sustainable future becomes a necessity, not a choice. The way we shape our buildings, our neighbourhoods and our global lifestyles has now become even more important than ever—we must ensure that sustainability becomes as inseparable from our design processes as time, cost and quality.”3 The multi-functionality of integrated PV installations, which are replacing conventional roofs and protecting the building against rain, snow, wind or excessive sun and are at the same time also supplying energy, is unique and with regard to the material requirements also very economic and ecologic. Criticism of the French legislation about the "high aesthetic claim” is not justified at all and shows a lack of know-how and economic expertise. b Innovative PV businesses will one day replace the aesthetically ideal copper roofs of our national and UNESCO-protected monuments—

aLord Norman Foster, Swiss Solar Prize 2005, p. 3.

bPhoton 12/2009, p. 24. The difference between "highly aesthetical” and simplified integration is justified, because it incorporates justified criticism on disfigurement of townscape and offers aesthetically unobjectionable solutions. Economically, the differentiation is also justified due to the mentioned multi-functionality of the environmental-friendly material (silicium). Furthermore, the needed energy is generated on the building itself and there is no need for a colonialist energy policy with depression or plundering of third and future generation’s energy sources: Scientific American University of Stanford Prof. Jacobson/Deluchi, Nov. 2009 and all mentioned empirical results.

and will even produce electricity. Therefore, we do not need to obstruct PV installations, but need to provide our workmen with better plans instead. With the almost CO2-free Bundestag in Berlin, Lord Norman Foster has demonstrated that this is possible and has opened the way for solar architecture in the 21st century.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 7:07 pm