3rd PEB conclusion: solar-powered "electric cars for all&quot

By changing from motors to solar electric drive in individual traffic, efficiency in the traffic sector would increase by 50 to 70%. Today, about 75 TWh/a are needed in the whole Swiss traffic sector. If individual traffic changed to electric drive, 25 TWh/a would be enough. In spring 2010, Renault asked for "electric cars for all”— and called upon car industry to focus on the human being again. If Renault wants a trustworthy implementation of its slogan, it should read "solar-powered electric cars for all.” The wind, water and solar electricity excesses of the PEB are definitely enough to cover this additional energy need in the traffic sector; a fact that has been confirmed by the formerly mentioned examples already 20 years ago (see Fig. 44.50, Horlacher).


Figure 44.50 In 1987/88 Max Horlacher, industrialist from Mohlin/Aargau had already built the most beautiful and best light vehicles—even for railway compositions and for industry He also successfully participated at each Tour de Sol with his "solar fleet". It is very positive that Renault decided to build emission-free cars, the first European car manufacturer to do so. However, Renault could have further developed and brought on the market such solar-powered electric cars already in 1987/88, i. e. 22 years ago.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 9:11 am