Energy-intensive business buildings as PlusEnergy Buildings

Meanwhile, even energy-intensive businesses show sensational results: Shopping centres that seemed to be hopeless cases with energy indexes of 750 kWh/m2a can be refurbished into PlusEnergy Buildings with a self-supply of 120 to 150% by consequent heat insulation, with high-tech electric appliances, LED lights and mono­crystalline solar cells. a The developers of a building project in the Swiss Alps with investments of approximately 1 bio. CHE have the choice: With PEB and a self-supply of 175% they can sell aEnergy-intensive business buildings: For building plans with mono-crystalline Sunpower solar cells; efficiency of 19.1% for approximately 5700 CHF/kWp; Solar Agency Research, 2009.

approximately 1.5 GWh/a of solar electricity to the grid; or they realise the buildings conventionally as planned and will have to buy 5 GWh/a of foreign energy.3 Experienced experts agree that from 2010 principally all European average buildings could be PEB with a self-supply of at least 120 to 150%.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 2:43 am