PV and refurbishment of a 6-family house: energy needs reduced by 90%

With the refurbishment of this 6-family house and a complete PV – utilisation of the roof, the energy need of this building was reduced by 90%.c Exemplary is also the refurbishment of a 12-family house in the preservation area of the old town of Basel. The building dating from 1896 was refurbished according to the standard for Minergy-P/Passive buildings. Consequently, the energy need of the building was reduced by 93%. In Bennau, canton of Schwyz, a 7- family house with a self-supply of 110% rejoices its inhabitants. It

aMarche-International: Administrative/service building Marche-International,

Kemptthal (Zurich) with a self-supply of 100% and a production of 40,000 kWh/a— thanks to amorphous thin-film cells (efficiency factor: 7%); with mono-crystalline Sunpower solar cells (offered in 2009) with an efficiency of 19.1%, a self-supply of 270% would be possible (see also Swiss Solar Prize 2007, p. 32/33). bTwo-family PlusEnergy Building in Riehen (Basel City) with a self-supply of 240% (production 25,000 kWh/a and Energy need 10,400 kWh/a) and a net electricity excess of 131% thanks to mono-crystalline solar cells, see Swiss Solar Prize 2008, p. 26/27 (measured in 2008/2009, W. Setz).

cRefurbishment of a six-family-house in Staufen/Aargau with a reduction of foreign energy by 88%: before the refurbishment, the house dating from 1967 was consuming totally 122,000 kWh/a. After the refurbishment and after integration of a PV installation of 15 kWp it only needs 15,000 kWh/a of foreign energy or 12.2%. Solar electricity is also used to operate the heat pump; see Swiss Solar Prize 2008, p. 24/25 (measured in 2008/2009, Erni).


Figure 44.41 With investments of about 100,000 CHF per apartment unit, the six-family house in Staufen, Aargau, from 1967 reduced its total energy need from 122,000 kWh/a to 15,000 kWh/a or by 88%. Increase in efficiency amounts to 62,000 kWh/a, whereas the 15,000 solar-powered heat pump and the solar installation produce approximately 45,000 kWh/a. The increase in efficiency could have been even higher if the refurbishment was done according to the standard of MinergyP/passive buildings instead of just Minergy; see Swiss Solar Prize 2008, p. 24/25.

was awarded the Swiss and European Solar Prize in 2009.a All these examples prove that according to the building technology of 2010, the apartment and business buildings in Middle Europe are able to cover their total energy need with integrated PV installations.

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