Ventilation in the passive house

The standard of the passive house means high level of tightness of construction for decrease in heatlosses through an external cover of the house. In this regard, it is almost impossible to achieve comfortable conditions of supply of fresh air in a room when using natural ventilation of air. Besides the traditional way of ventilation leads to significant increase in losses of heat. Warmly leaving from the house at such ventilation can make to 50 % from the general thermal losses of the house.

Ventilation in the passive house is one of the basic principles of comfort and energy saving. Fresh air should arrive in a building, according to a standard of the passive house, in volume not less than 30 m3/h on one person. It allows to support an optimum level of comfort and humidity in the house. The effective compulsory system of a supply and exhaust ventilation is applied to providing these requirements in passive houses with a rekuperatsiya.

Basic element of ventilating installation is the recuperator. The recuperator represents the highly effective air heat exchanger with fans.

Ventilation in the passive house

Principle of work of rekuperatsionny installation

Cold pritochny air heats up in the heat exchanger at the expense of the warm “fulfilled” air from a room. Efficiency of such heat exchangers can reach value of 92 %. For the passive house efficiency of heat exchange of a recuperator should be not less than 80 %.

Ventilation in the passive house Appearance of the heat exchanger of a recuperatorVentilation in the passive house the supply and exhaust ventilation Scheme with рекператормVentilation in the passive house the Recuperator in forced-air and exhaust ventilating system

Integral part of modern system of ventilation in passive houses is the soil heat exchanger. The heat exchanger represents the plastic pipe laid in soil on depth of 1,5-2 m. Before getting on a recuperator, ventilating air passes on a pipe and previously heats up.

Ventilation in the passive house

The soil heat exchanger with heat rekuperatsiya

It is long pipes to pay off in such a manner that even at temperature  -22? With on the street, air temperature of a recuperator submitted on the heat exchanger will be not lower 0? S.Eto allows to avoid a recuperator obmerzaniye. It is usually long the heat exchanger gets out within 30-50 m.

Ventilation in the passive house Laying of the soil heat exchangerVentilation in the passive house Scheme of the soil heat exchanger

Installation of the soil heat exchanger

During the summer period the heat exchanger is capable to reduce temperature of submitted air with 35? With to 20? S.Eto as will allow to save on central air capacity. In inter-season period the heat exchanger can create undesirable effect, too cooling air submitted for ventilation. For prevention of this effect provide possibility of supply of fresh air directly passing the heat exchanger.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 12:52 pm