Practical Modeling for
Renewable Energy Applications

Dr. Abbas Ghassemi is the director at the Institute for Energy and Environment (IE&E) and professor of chemical engineering at New Mexico State University. He oversees the operations of WERC: A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development, the Southwest Technology Development Institute (SWTDI), and the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center (CERMC). As the director of IE&E, Dr. Ghassemi is also the chief operating offi­cer for programs worth over $10 million annually in education and research and outreach in energy resources, including renewable energy, water quality and quan­tity, and environmental issues. He is responsible for administrative duties, opera­tion, budget, planning, and personnel supervision for the program. Dr. Ghassemi has authored and edited several textbooks and has many publications and papers in the areas of energy, water, waste management, process control, thermodynam­ics, transport phenomena, education management, and innovative teaching methods. His research areas of interest include risk-based decision making, renewable energy and water, energy efficiency and pollution prevention, multiphase flow, and process control. Dr. Ghassemi holds a BS, an MS, and a PhD in chemical engineering with minors in mathematics and experimental statistics from the University of Oklahoma and New Mexico State University, respectively, and serves on a number of public and private boards, editorial boards, and peer review panels.

Updated: August 4, 2015 — 12:12 pm