Electronics energy management system

There are many tasks, which have to be done, such that energy management can be con­ducted accurately. The following, we list the mandatory tasks required in energy manage­ment for solar cell system. First of all is current monitoring flow-in to and flow-out from the battery bank. The second one is measuring electrical energy content inside batteray bank by using algorithm of stored energy vs Rs. The third one is an evaluation of the internal energy condition and based on the sustanainability criteria, conducting decission process to do inte­gration with external system (grid). The fourth one, when integration is decided, then syn­chronization of frequency, phase and voltage must be conducted soon. Those four tasks require algorithms or procedures, which can be very complex for electronic analog circuits.

Hence, the only way is by utilizing microprocessor circuit or even computer system to con­duct energy management tasks. The comprehenssive block diagram of Solar Cell Based Re­newable Energy Unit System has been already shown on Fig 1. The detail of the circuitries are for the reader exercise to give contributions to realize an electrical energy management for solar cell system.

5. Conclusion

Electrical energy management and engineering for solar cell system is started by designing electrical energy requirements, technical specifications of solar cells and batteries, also infor­mation of zone latitude and statistical weather of the location. The characterizations to ob­tain information of solar cell and batteries efficiency are very important to support in designing the system. Furthermore, electrical energy management and engineering for solar cell system, must deal with 4 tasks listed in sub-chapter 5.2. To cover those 4 tasks, then it has to be developed a processing system based on microprocessor or even computer system. If there exist several units of autonomy solar cell systems, then they can be coordinated to build a grid energy system, which can support each other to keep maintain sustainability service. Ultimately, it can be established independent electric energy collaboration and total­ly eco-friendly.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 11:59 am