Applications of data mining

Table 8 summarizes various applications of data mining for solar energy systems.




Kusama et al.


Solar cell

Table 8. Summary of solar energy applications of data mining

Only one application is found in this area. This is by Kusama et al. (2007) who used data mining assisted by theoretical calculations for improving dye-sensitized solar cell performance. This method led to new knowledge about the influence of imidazole (crystalline heterocyclic compound used mainly in organic synthesis) derivatives as additives in an electrolytic solution on the cell performance. It was found that the solar energy conversion efficiency is strongly correlated to the Mulliken charge of the carbon atom at position 4 in the imidazole group. This result indicates that data mining assisted by theoretical calculations should facilitate the rate that cell performance is improved. Data mining combined with theoretical calculations successfully elucidated a new research direction for developing an improved electrolytic solution for dye-sensitized solar cell using base additives.

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