Electrical system

Electrical generation is from a combination of a 40Wp PV donated by Solar Century Ltd and located on the roof of the van cab and a 100Wp wind turbine donated by Ampair Ltd located on the roof of the van on a hinged frame so it can be lowered when the van is being driven. Electricity from both these sources goes via controllers into a twin battery pack(total 120Wh), lead-acid type, located on the floor of the technical compartment. Some appliances are driven by the 12V direct current from the battery but most are powered by 230V AC from an an invertor driven by the battery.

3. Van body

The van body is divided into two compartments. The larger is the public/living room which is nicely furnished with carpets, a table and chairs and pictures on the wall. A mural painted by a local artist showing all renewables is on one wall and an array of leaflets and brochures on all renewables is on another. This compartment has underfloor heating fed from the solar storage tank. It has a translucent roof to maximise daylight and its window to the rear is double glazed with low-e glass and an argon infill. Access to this compartment from outdoors is via a set of aluminium steps with handrails which can all be folded up for transport.

The second, smaller compartment is forward of the larger compartment and is the technical/sleeping compartment. It houses the thermal and electrical storage systems, the control and display systems, a sink for washing and a shower. It also has a bunk bed for the driver.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 12:40 pm