PV art in structures

Free-standing applications of PV power systems have been constructed in a variety of more or less creative designs. Well known are solar sails which are landmarks for companies and show their green involvement. Many other types of free-standing construction designed to support PV power systems have been constructed. Remarkable are the constructions that show PV as a flower and in some cases track the sun.

On the small scale there are many artistic modules both in cell color and pattern or in module form. Artist like Jurgen Claus (Germany) and Sarah Hall (Canada) became famous as PV artist, but many architects also use PV systems in an artistic way (Figure 23.13). The facade of

Figure 23.13 Natural ventilation tower of the underground library of Regents College, UBC, Vancouver, Canada. Reproduced with permission of Studio Sarah Hall [16]

Figure 23.14 Giant energy autonomous LED billboard with 2292 modules at the JingYa hotel at XiCui Lu in Beijing, China. Reproduced with permission by BEAR Architecten T. Reijenga

the JingYa hotel in Beijing is huge[124]. The facade is in fact a gigiantic 2200 m2 billboard with 2292 modules that collect the energy to lite the LED billboard at night (Figure 23.14).

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