Types of thermal pumps

In modern engineering systems of a klimatizatsiya of buildings three types of thermal pumps are applied: parokompressionny, adsorbtsionny and absorbing. The most widespread type of thermal pumps – parokompressionny.

Classification of parokompressionny thermal pumps: – as the compressor used in TN: spiral, piston, screw, turbokompressorny; – on criterion functions: for heating, for hot water supply, for conditioning and heating; for heating, hot water supply, conditioning; – as a low-temperature source of heat and the heated-up environment: liquid-liquid, air-liquid, air-air, liquid-air; – on an applied working environment (coolant): high-temperature, srednetemperaturny, low-temperature; – on a design: monoblock, Split system; – on an installation site: indoors, outside of a room; – by quantity of steps of compression: one-stage, two-level, multistage; – as a source of low-potential energy: soil, air, water (this classification is the most widespread); – as system of distribution of heat: water (heat-insulated floor, radiators), air (channels of air lines). For various updatings of thermal pumps the following ranges of change of temperatures of environments are characteristic.

Heat source

Temperature range, 0С


0. 10

External air

– 25. 20

Air after a rekuperatsiya

– 5. 20

Lake water

0. 10

River water

0. 10

Sea water

3. 8

Ground waters

5. 15

Geothermal waters

20. 50


10. 50

Technical and economic indicators of thermal pumps it is closely connected with characteristics of a source of heat.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 12:52 pm