Requests for funding

The received requests for funding cover a wide capacity range, as shown in figure 3. 14 formal ques­tionnaires on participation were received and initial consultation was made in some further requests. The concepts were screened with respect to their potential in saving primary energy (compared to the existing air-conditioning installation, or, in case of new buildings, to a conventional cold supply sys­tem) and suggestions were made on improvements regarding the system configuration and size, where necessary. For some requests, simulation calculations were applied in the pre-design phase, in order to estimate the primary energy savings for both, heating and cooling.

However, the current number of realisations is smaller than expected for different reasons. One of the reasons may be seen in the limited funding of the collector system cost only (approx. 30% to 50% investment grants), which is finally not far from the funding rate, provided by the market incentive programme for solar thermal applications.

Furthermore, reasons for non-realisation of proposed projects can be summarised as follows:

– in principle agreed for funding, but no further interest by the applicant

– not in accordance with formal requirements or objectives of Solarthermie 2000plus

– rejected for later participation, since no budget for funding available by the time of request

– rejection due to daubts in the concept or due to missing multiplication effects.

Three systems are currently installed or close to installation, two other systems may possibly be installed by the end of 2008 or in the beginning of 2009. Nevertheless, these systems cover a large capactity range; promising concepts are applied and new types of thermally driven chillers will be installed, demonstrating the wide range of applicability of solar thermally driven cooling.


Solarthermie 2000plus: Demonstration

Standardised apprach: Questionnaire on participation,
Accompanying research, Monitoring

image054 Подпись: Monitoring ZfS Hilden, TU Ilmenau, TU Chemnitz, FH Stralsund, FH Offenburg

Project Management Organisation PtJ *

*on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Figure 1 Overview of the application fields in Solarthermie 2000plus.



Figure 2 Structure of the accompanying research for solar cooling demonstration systems in Solarthermie



Figure 3 Capacity range of the requests for solar cooling installations. Two of the systems are installed, a third
system is expected to be installed by the end of summer 2008.

2. Examples on installations

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