This chapter has reviewed the current state of crystalline silicon solar cells and modules. The main

lines defining the structure of the described situation can be summarized as: [64]

• Technology diversification. These two challenges are to be faced by solar cell production tech­nology in the next years. Intensive preindustrial research is being conducted and solutions are being developed along several different lines.

• Quality. Product reliability and durability and environmental and aesthetic quality are as impor­tant as cost for the growth of PV industry, and this also influences technology.

• Long-term scenario. Alternatives to crystalline silicon technology are being thoroughly pursued, and presumably some of them will succeed in reducing photovoltaic costs to competitive ones. Nevertheless, for these so-called leapfrogs to take place, a mature PV market should consolidate, for which silicon technology is essential at least for the next decade.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 3:28 pm