Special Modules BIPV products

Building integration of PV modules (BIPV) is thought to become an important application of photovoltaics in the near future. Modules perform two tasks: construction materials as well as power generators. Modules can be incorporated to a building in a number of ways and special products are being developed so that the typical framed module will be no longer the only PV product. Very large modules with special fixing for roof or facade integration, roof tiles with cells, semi-transparent modules allowing light through, etc. Visual appearance is enhanced by module shape, encapsulation and cell color [186]. Besides, these products must comply with building norms such as fire resistance.

In general modules for these applications use two glass panes, and another polymeric mate­rial as encapsulant (polyvinyl butyral, PVB) is an alternative to EVA. It was used in the early days
of module fabrication and it is very common in the glass industry. It is processed in a similar way to EVA and can present some advantages over it [187], but it requires low temperature storing.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 9:30 am