Post-lamination Steps

These include: (i) trimming the edges of the laminate to remove spread-out encapsulant; (ii) sealing them with silicone rubber to prevent different thermal expansion of the aluminium frame and the glass; (iii) sticking the plastic junction box at the back of the laminate and performing the connec­tions; and (iv) when required, installing the anodized aluminum frame (Figure 7.19). The frame must be electrically insulated from the active cell circuit so that high voltage differences can be sustained between electrical terminals and the frame without current flow.

Besides, among other final tests, the I – V curve of all modules under standard conditions is measured in a solar simulator to check they fulfill specifications. Flash simulators with electronic equipment able to record a complete I – V curve in a fraction of a second are commonly utilized for saving energy, increasing the throughput and avoiding differences in temperature during the


measurement. They must have a spectral content matched to the AM 1.5 standard, or else, they must be calibrated with a reference cell of the same technology in order to correct the spectral mismatch.

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