The Context of Renewable Energy Production

The importance of control of DCSFs, and of adaptive control in particular, may perhaps be only fully understood by considering the wider context of renewable energy production. Of course, control is required to maintain energy production plants in a state that is adequate for their objectives, while ensuring equipment integrity

Подпись: Fig. 8.2 Managing the outlet fluid temperature of a DCSF to maximize efficiency

and an extended useful life, i. e., enlarging the period in which the plant is able to operate in adequate conditions. However, the trend in energy markets raise new challenges that increasingly motivate the use of advanced control and optimization algorithms (Giannakis et al. 2013; Chakrabortty and Ilic 2012), and in particular of the ones that are able to cope with high levels of uncertainty, disturbances modeled as stochastic processes and time-varying references that, in the case of DCSFs cause in turn changes of linearized plant dynamics.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 6:37 am