Air thermal pump

Air is the most available source of heat. As for receiving its heat it is not required any additional expenses.

Climatic conditions of Ukraine are characterized by fluctuations of average temperatures of air during winter time from-8 °C to +6 °C, and also rare peaks of the minimum temperatures to-30.-20 °C. For use of heat of air it is necessary to use thermal pumps of a configuration air/water or air/air. Thermal pumps are established as in a building, and outside. For installation of the thermal pump some openings (штроб) in a wall through which will move/throw out air to the thermal pump indoors are provided. Direct supply of air to the thermal pump is realized by means of air lines. For reduction of level of discomfort because of the noise loadings created by installation, the equipment is established in a boiler room. The air thermal pumps intended for installation outside of buildings, are established on in advance prepared platform to which pipes from a storage container, or from a heating contour are already brought. Air thermal pump The air thermal pump of external type In power passive houses often use warmly rekuperatsionny air which jumps out on the street. Such installations have higher efficiency of thermal transformation, than the installation, using heat source external air. The capacity of these installations is limited to frequency rate of air exchange indoors. Air thermal pumps gained the most mass distribution in the world at the expense of the low price because there are no costs of installation of soil contours or water preparation for systems using soil / sewage. Advantage of heatpump systems using as heat source air is that efficiency of the thermal pump in 10 years of operation remains invariable, unlike systems with the soil thermal pump.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 12:42 pm