Electrical consumption

The electrical appliances fall into four categories. The general idea is to have only a modest installation, firstly to keep the investment costs low, but also so as not to change the rustic character of the chalet. In principle, therefore, the installation could all be in 12 V DC.


Eight 13 W lighting points are planned for the different rooms of the house. As there are four occupants, calculations are based on a maximum of one light swit­ched on per person at a time.

In summer, 4 x 13 W x 3 h, or 13 Ah at 12 V; and in winter, 4 x 13 x 6 h, or 26 Ah at 12 V.

This is an average consumption that could be differently distributed to differ­ent lamps, which would make no difference as long as the energy supply is suffi­cient to meet the load.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 4:36 am