Location sites and constraints Locations and constraints

There are 12 monitoring sites to be equipped. To understand how much energy will be used at each of them, we must examine their situation one by one.

• Sites number 1-9 are situated in the open countryside, on hills not easily accessible or on the edge of a track, and all have a good solar exposure.

• Site number 10 is near the treatment plant, 50 m from the caretakers’ building.

• Sites number 11 and 12 are in woodland.

The design engineers suggested a cabinet to house the electronics and trans­mitter (the flowmeters are buried). It measures 50 x 40 x 30 cm, and includes a locking door. Ideally, everything should fit inside it, including the energy source.

Theft and vandalism must also be considered, and to reduce temptation the equipment should be made invisible or impregnable.

Updated: August 22, 2015 — 5:54 am