Experimental validation


The experimental installation presented in section 2 is used to validate the above presented model. Different inlet conditions were considered with temperature varying form 25°C to 38°C and humidity ratio from 10 to 15 g/kg and for different regeneration temperature (55°C, 60°C 65°C, 70°C and 80°C).

The figure 2 [9] plots the temperature error versus the humidity ratio error for the most significant points. It shows the maximum predicted error 0.4 g/kg and root mean squared error (RMSE) is 0.22 g/kg. For the temperature and the maximum committed error in the outlet temperature is 1 °C for RMSE of 0.65 °C. It must be noted that the uncertainty in the measurement of the mean values is 0.7°C for the temperature and 0.3 g/kg. It shows that the committed errors are in the domain of the uncertainty of the measurements.

In the following section the experiments are performed on the desiccant using experimental measurements and numerical results in order to perform the sensitivity analsysis.

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