Criteria for choosing grid inverters

A number of criteria need to be considered before ordering an inverter. The fol­lowing list gives the essential points to respect in making this choice:

• High European efficiency factor: this criterion is more important than the cost of the device, since at current electricity feed-in prices, a higher efficiency will

bring in more revenue after some years of operation. A higher efficiency also guarantees lower thermal dissipation. The durability of electronic components is strongly influenced by temperature.

• Good price.

• Reliability and reputation of manufacturer: these two parameters are essential as the inverter is the component most likely to break down. Some manu­facturers offer renewable guarantees (through insurance).

• Guarantee, after sales service: in the case of breakdown, rapid repair is neces­sary, especially in summer. Some manufacturers offer an insurance of produc­tion revenue: the device will be repaired after a maximum of x days, otherwise the client will receive a sum equivalent to the production of the generator that has broken down.

These criteria, in practice, limit the choice to a manufacturer either local or sufficiently well-established to be able to provide an adequate local service.

Updated: August 8, 2015 — 7:09 am