Possible origin of the N-related recombination center E1

It is worth remembering that the atomic structure of E1 may be free from impurities and doping atoms owing to the difference in the density of residual impurities in GaAsN grown with MOCVD, MBE, and CBE. Furthermore, the uniform distribution of NE1 in the bulk of GaAsN indicates that E1 is formed during growth to compensate for the tensile strain caused by the small atomic size of N compared with that of As. Therefore, the origin of E1 has high probability to depend only on the atoms of the alloy (N, As, Ga). To confirm these expectations, the origin of E1 is investigated qualitatively by considering the results of two different experiments: (i) the dependence of NE1 to the As source flow rate and (ii) the effect of H implantation on the distribution of lattice defects in и-type GaAsN.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 6:01 am