Isothermal capacitance transient spectroscopy

Подпись: NT (x) Подпись: 2 ND (ggo)2 A2 AC CR (Lp, - Li ) Подпись: (9)

ICTS is used to analyze the profiling of lattice defects in the SCR of the semiconductor. It can be done through three different methods. The first one is obtained by fixing VR and varying Vp to build difference of transients among the SCR of the device. The second method is evaluated by measuring at constant Vp and varying VR. The last option is obtained by varying VR and Vp/ where the profiling analysis is also possible without building difference of transients. Using the first method, the medium trap density Nt(xtj) at a point xtj is given by

where ACij is the amplitude difference of the two capacitance transients.

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