Discontinuous Efficiency Curves

Robert Hausner


Description of the Specific Test and Test Procedure

Within EN 12975-2, the following tests and calculation procedures are concerned with discontinuous efficiency curves of polymeric collectors with temperature limiting measures, such as thermotropic layers, temperature-controlled ventilation, or other active or passive measures.

In the following chapters of EN12975 second-order dependencies on the temper­ature difference (tm — ta) (tm: middle temperature of the fluid in the collector, ta: ambient temperature) are established (Table 18.3).

A simple linear dependency on this temperature difference is established in Chapter C.2 [Determination of stagnation temperature; Formula (C.1)].

Table 18.3 Chapters of EN12975 for which second-order dependencies on the temperature difference are established.


Formula Computation of collector output

(7), (8) The collector model

(32) Graphical presentation of test results


D.3 Test results

(D.3), (D.4)

Annex H: Comparison of the collector model of 6.1 to the collector model of 6.3

(H.1), (H.2)


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