Why this is a Problem for Polymeric Collectors or Why this Test does not Reflect the Requirements for Polymeric Collectors

There is no specific problem for polymeric collectors. It may be assumed that it is more difficult to reach the required stability for polymeric covered collectors, especially with the expected higher loads. If the collector casing is made of polymeric materials the mounting parts used to fix the collector on the roof must also be taken into account. Typical Data for Snow Load (According to EN12975 and to PV Norms such as EN61646 etc.)

Most conventional flat plate and evacuated tube collectors will have no problems with the expected 2400 Pa positive load. Even loads of up to the maximum of 5400 Pa will usually not result in any damage. The weakest points are in general the mounting parts (roof hooks). Excessive deformation often results in destruction of the col­lector’s fixing points, that is, the points where the hooks are attached to the collector.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 7:06 pm