Detailed Description

Magen eco-Energy produces three types of collectors:

1) Heliocol (Figure 15.7): Low temperature collectors for swimming-pool heating and preheating of large quantities of water for hotels, sport-centers, and so on. Over 1 000 000 m2 installed – proven technology for over 30 years.

Figure 15.7 Magen Heliocol collector installed for a swimming pool.

2) eco-FLARE and eco-FLARE – pro (Figures 15.8 and 15.9): Full plastic encased & glazed flat solar panel for domestic water heating and housing projects, hotels, sport centers, and industrial-plants. These products are at the introduction stage and have been distributed in limited quantity to selected territories globally (5000 m2 installed so far).

3) eco-SPARK: Full plastic glazed panel for swimming pool heating in windy and cooler regions and pools with a demand of higher water temperature (hydrother­apy). It also allows solutions for low cost domestic heating in developing countries and government sponsored housing.

The absorber of all above-mentioned products is made from specially formulated polypropylene (PP). Formulations and modifications of the polymer enable high

Figure 15.8 Magen eco-FLARE collector for domestic hot water (DHW) preparation.

pressure/temperature creep resistance. It also allows the material to resist the high dry-stagnation temperatures, if exposed but not connected to a flowing water source. Special design of the casing of the collector will limit the stagnation temperature to acceptable levels.

Manufacturing – The absorber is made of a large number of extruded parallel tubes connected to manifold headers by a special injection-overmolding technique. This process is fully automatic and the factory can manufacture up to 500 x 4 m2 absorbers (pool collectors) daily.

The casing for the glazed collector is manufactured from glass reinforced polyamide profiles and a double layer PC (polycarbonate) glazing. A 2.2 m2 collector weighs approximately 18 kg. The full polymeric design renders the collector corro­sion resistant and it does not suffer from scaling and can withstand vandalism and moderate subzero temperatures.


Updated: August 21, 2015 — 5:00 am