Benefits of the I-SHS

• Ease of installation

• Significant reduction of system costs

• Increased efficiency via low cell temperature operations

• Increased reliability via pre-manufactured and pre-tested units

• Standard AC output (“Plug and Play”)

• Optional use of hot water as a by-product. Further Development

The combination of all suggested improvements leads to a gain in electricity yields of 15-17%. At the same time systems costs could be reduced by 10-15% via pre-assembly and reduced installation costs. Ultimately the PV generation costs could be lowered by 28-38%. Construction can be environmentally sound: Recycling of all materials and components (glass, Si, PE) is entirely possible. Raw materials are available infinitely (glass, Si) or can be made of recycled materials (PE). The product has a long service life and is maintenance free.

Production of a PE structure is about 80 € in mass production, 250 € for small scale production (100 pieces per year) considering initial costs for the deep drawing form or extrusion blow molding 7,000 € . While labor costs are considerably lower in the Third World, manufacturing of the I-SHS there would be very favorable, also in terms of job creation.

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