Balance of System Costs (BOS)

Since the foundation, support structure and mounting equipment are no longer required, significant reductions in installation costs and “turn-key” system costs are achieved. Together with improved aspects of maintenance and higher energy yields, PV electricity is becoming more available. Once the I-SHS has been placed at an appropriate site, it has just to be filled with water and is immediately ready to supply power to any AC device from its standard plug. The weight of the tank-container, without inverter and battery, is about seven kg, making transportation easy. When filled with water the container has a weight of more than 300 kg, thus making the system stable enough to withstand any storm without additional fixings. Once placed at an appropriate site the I-SHS is immediately ready to supply small AC loads (lightning, air-fan, radio etc.). Additionally it is capable of supplying the hot water needed for a small household. Several systems can be combined to fulfill higher power needs without a redesign of the system. Without having higher costs than conventional SHSs, and featuring a favorable BOS and the generation of more energy, the I-SHS is an efficient means to successfully electrify remote areas.

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