Industrial energy use is predominantly used for production, as well as for lighting and other business uses in the manufacturing industries. Industrial production makes up just over half of all global energy use and is expected to grow by a similar 1.5% globally each year through 2035.[112]

Again according to EIA, “not only because of faster anticipated economic expan­sion but also because of the composition of industrial sector production. OECD econ­omies generally have more energy-efficient industrial operations than non-OECD countries, as well as a mix of industrial output that is more heavily weighted toward non-energy-intensive industry sectors. As a result, the ratio of industrial energy con­sumption to total GDP tends to be higher in non-OECD economies than in OECD economies. On average, industrial energy intensity (the consumption of energy con­sumed in the industrial sector per dollar of economic output) in non-OECD countries is double that in OECD countries.”[113]

Updated: August 29, 2015 — 3:05 pm