Larger Residential Systems

Planning larger off-grid residential systems requires a focus on the needs of the people living in the house! Residential systems often work better than institutional or community systems because users have selected solar PV themselves and are fully committed to them. Planners should always work closely with system owners to ensure they understand the PV system they will be managing.

Firstly, planners should ask if the system is a full-time or a part-time leisure residence. Obviously, a full-time live-in residence will require a different design approach than one lived in during weekends and holidays only. This is especially true with regard to energy storage and cloudy season needs.

Secondly, off-grid households must review their appliance selections carefully. Review the section above and Table 11.2 when planning for the following:

• Cooking, heating and kitchen appliances.

• Refrigerators and freezers.

• Washing-machines and driers.

• Water pumping.

• Water heating.

Thirdly, think about how circuits will be designed. If there are 230/110V AC appliances, it is important to design an AC circuit and to consider whether or

Подпись: System Design Charging Current 44.3AПодпись:Подпись: Laptop computer (40W x 8h) Phone charger (3) (15W x 12h) Amplifier (500W x 1h) Music system (20W x 3h) 240V AC lamp (11W x 2h) image1442. Size Array Nairobi

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Подпись: Figure 11.4 Olonana design process Подпись: Daily System Charge Requirement 186Ah/day 3 Size & Select Battery 5 Size cables, fuses and Battery Capacity (Ah) other BOS System Voltage (V)

Jan 6.3 Feb 6.8 Mar 6.2 Apr 5.6 May 4.8 Jun 4.4 Jul 4.2 Aug 4.6 Sep 5.4 Oct 6.0 Nov 5.6 Dec 6.0

not a DC circuit is part of the system. Inverters or supplementary power sources (as discussed below in the section on hybrid systems) may be important in large residential systems.

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