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Suppliers of Organic Materials

Suppliers of organic materials used in OLED lighting devices fabrication Light emitting hosts and dopants Injectors/Transporters • Cambridge display technology—Polymers • DuPont—Solution based phosphorescent small Molecule • Idemitsu Kosan—Fluorescent and phosphorescent small molecule • Merck—Polymers, small molecule • Universal display—Phosphorescent small molecule • Dow chemical—Fluorescent and phosphorescent small molecule • Sunfine chem—Fluorescent and phosphorescent small […]

Credit Guarantee System

Potential customers require some sort of collateral which the poorest people do not have and need a good track record to qualify for a solar loan. Sometimes customers also need to make a part of the down payment. Bank insists on the evidence that the customer has a minimum regular income before the loan can […]

Best Practices of Financing in Asia

In Asia, about 799 million people live without access to electricity. Approximately 85% of those people live in rural areas [22]. The rural banking system plays a significant role to finance sustainable energy systems for poor rural households. People can take a microfinance loan from a bank or microfinance institute, non­governmental organization (NGO) or social […]

Best Practices of Financing in Africa

The IEA (2010) estimates that about 589 million people in Africa live without access to electricity [21]. Africa’s non-electrified population is expected to grow from 110 million households to 120 million households by 2015 [2]. African grid expansion is failing to keep pace with population growth. Solar technologies provide the alternative to sustainable development and […]

Financing Solar LED System

Most inhabitants who lack access to grid electricity are categorized as low income. Low-income consumers often do not have the initial investment needed to pur­chase new lighting products due to high up-front costs of LED solar home systems (SHS). A recent report shows that approximately 90% of households lack access to formal financial services [20], […]

Energy Hub

Recently, OSRAM has setup an Energy Hub in April 2008 in Mbita which supplies up to 10 KW of electricity. This is enough to recharge around 350 lamps per day. In addition to the lamps, the energy hub also charges batteries that can be con­nected to electrical devices such as radios. When the lamps and […]