Category: Advanced Silicon Materials for. Photovoltaic Applications

Technological Constraints

PV manufacturing has its roots in sophisticated semiconductor fabrication technology and most of the thin-fllm PV manufacturing has its origin in liquid-crystal display manufac­turing. Manufacturing compliance is a necessity for the success of any new PV devices. There are basically five steps from the discovery of a new physical phenomenon to a mass-scale manufactured product: […]

Applications of Si-NCs in the 3rd-Generation Solar Cells

10.3.1 All-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Si-NCs are used in all-silicon tandem cells [102, 103]. The idea is to leverage on the bandgap tunability of the Si-NCs. In Figure 10.5, examples of two-cell and three-cell all-silicon tandem solar cell are reported [90]. The theoretical efficiency limits are 42.5% and 47.5% for two-cell and three-cell stacks, respectively […]