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Today, 25 years after our fledgling start as Eos, SunPower is a billion dollar com­pany with 5000 employees and a global presence. We are proud to be part of the dynamic PV industry that is helping the world wean itself off of fossil fuel. The next decades will see continued dramatic changes in our industry […]


One of SunPower’s largest customers was PowerLight. PowerLight had pio­neered a new way to install PV panels on flat commercial roofs that involved no roof penetrations. Prior to their invention, the common wisdom was that panels should be mounted on steel frames that tilted the panels south to receive the most sun. Installing the frames […]


Big changes were afoot in the PV business as the decade progressed. The market had grown dramatically in the latter half of the 1990s driven by the Japanese rooftop incentives. The mantel would soon pass to Germany, which passed a far reaching PV incentive program called the Renewable Energy Law in 2000. Companies were expanding […]