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7th PEB conclusion: The dimension of PV is unbeatable economically and ecologically

The example of today’s total energy need of twelve apartments from 1896 in the old town of Basel shows what can be achieved economically and ecologically even in protected areas in European cities by an optimum PV integration and with high energy efficiency—despite "expensive PV”: Scientific American loc cit. Jacobson and Deluchi, p. 64. Today’s […]

5th PEB conclusion: In Europe, PV-PEB can cover 75% of the total energy need

Similar to China, Europe is consuming approximately 20,000 TWh/a. b Today, the average consumption of Europe’s buildings amounts to approximately 10,000 TWh/a. PEB could substitute at least 75% of the average building consumption. Therefore, the building sector will in future only need about 2500 TWh/a and the traffic sector another 2500 TWh/a. c According to […]

Energy-intensive business buildings as PlusEnergy Buildings

Meanwhile, even energy-intensive businesses show sensational results: Shopping centres that seemed to be hopeless cases with energy indexes of 750 kWh/m2a can be refurbished into PlusEnergy Buildings with a self-supply of 120 to 150% by consequent heat insulation, with high-tech electric appliances, LED lights and mono­crystalline solar cells. a The developers of a building project […]