Category: Nonimaging Optics in Solar Energy

Selected Demonstrations of Nonimaging. Concentrator Performance

The optical response characteristics of CPCs interact with the direct and diffuse insolation compo­nents in ways that are unique. CPCs are not flat plate collectors. Neither, of course, do they behave like tracking troughs or dishes. Although the ideal optical response characteristics of CPCs are well understood formally and although experimental results for a wide […]

Secondary Designs

To illustrate the variety of second-stage designs that are possible, Figure 6.3 shows cross-sectional profiles for three cases. All profiles are designed for the same absorber diameter (i. e., cell size), DIELECTRIC TIR SECOND STAGE NONIMAGING ELEMENTS DCPC DCHC i// = 30° 1.39 inche DCHC ip = 60 ko.25’4 FIGURE 6.3: Representative solutions for nonimaging […]

Two-Stage Nonimaging Concentrators. for Solar PV Applications

We have seen in Chapter 4 how PV cells designed for one-sun (no concentration) operations have usually been found to be unsuitable even for relatively low levels of concentration. Practical prob­lems associated with accommodating nonuniformities and higher operating temperatures usually result in some need to use more expensive cells, thus offsetting the economic benefits of […]