Category: Electricity from Sunlight:. An Introduction to. Photovoltaics

Life-cycle analysis

In the previous section we considered PV’s requirements for raw materials and land – two environmental issues that surface before PV production even begins. Further important environmental questions arise during a PV sys­tem’s lifetime, which starts with extraction and purification of raw materi­als; proceeds through manufacture, installation, and many years of operation; and ends with […]

On land and sea   Figure 5.32 Two solar-powered cars, entered by the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota, speed at over 100 kph along a Canadian highway during the 2005 North American Solar Challenge (Wikipedia).   Figure 5.33 It has become commonplace for sailors to install PV modules on the decks of ocean-going yachts to power cabin lighting, services, and navigation equipment. There is now growing interest in making the sails themselves ‘photovoltaic’ (EPIA/Shell Solar). &nbsp

Figure 5.34 This installation in the Libyan desert provides cathodic protection, an important application of PV that helps minimise corrosion of metal structures including pipelines (EPIA/Shell Solar). In heat and cold Figure 5.35 A PV array produces electricity for a meteorological station in Greenland. In this high northern latitude the vertical array captures much of […]