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Method to find Xm

The parallel lines in 3D space appear in the image to meet at a point when their plane is not parallel to the image plane (Figure 4). This point of convergence is called the vanishing point and can be used to determine distances in the real world [2]. The vanishing point of lines is sufficient […]

Model development

1.1. General specifications The PVT system modelled uses air as the heat transfer fluid, drawn through a duct at the rear of the PV modules, and has a glass cover. In winter, air is drawn past the rear of the photovoltaic panels and ventilated into the house. In summer, it is envisaged that air would […]

Research approach

1.1. Goals The just described experience demonstrates that a deep attention has to be paid in planning SHC-CHP systems from three points of view: layout, control strategy and machine sizes. The present research work proposes a first layout with a specific control strategy and a procedure for sizing such a plant with the main goal […]

Performance of a multifunctional PV/T hybrid solar window

Henrik Davidsson*, Bengt Perers, Bjorn Karlsson Energy and BuildingDesign, Lund University, B. O Box 118, SE 221 00 Lund, SwedenCorresponding Author, henrik. davidsson@ebd. lth. seAbstract A building-integrated multifunctional PV/T collector have been developed and evaluated. The PV/T solar window is constructed of PV cells laminated on solar absorbers and is placed in a window behind […]

Nanodiagnostics of Concentrator Solar Cells with Vertical p-n – Junctions for PV/T Systems

S. Gavrin 1, V. Simakin 2, S. Tyukhov 2, D. Strebkov3 I. Tyukhov2, 3 1 Nanocenter MPEI (TU), Energetichesky Proezd, 6, Moscow, 111 250 Russia 2 VEI, Krasnokazarmennaya, 12, Moscow, 111250, Russia 3 VIESH, 1st Veshnyakovski pr.2, Moscow, 109456, Russia * Corresponding Author, itvukhov@yahoo. com Abstract This paper is devoted to the developing PV/T (photovoltaic […]