Category: Oxide Semiconductors. for Solar Energy. Conversion

Research Progress and Perspectives

The increasingly apparent effects of global warming and resulting climate changes are forcing us to increase the use of renewable energy, such as solar energy. The global efforts in this directions aim to develop new energy conversion systems. The TiO2-based semiconductors are the promising candidates for the development of solar energy conversion systems with versatile […]


The photocatalytic effects of TiO2 have resulted in a wide range of its environmen­tally friendly applications (alternative to photocatalytic water purification and the generation of solar hydrogen fuel), including [1,126]: • • Antiseptic Coatings for Sanitary Areas. The antiseptic properties of TiO2 coatings are related to the light-induced bactericidal effect. The antiseptic coating can be […]

Oxidation of Microorganisms

The change of the population of microorganisms in water depends on a number of factors, including: • Temperature • Intensity and energy of light • Composition of the aqueous environment • Alkalinity/acidity • Concentration of oxygen and oxidants • Exchange of mass (turbulence) The reproducibility of data requires that all the factors influencing the photocata­lytic […]