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E-TON Solartech Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)

E-Ton Solartech (www. e-tonsolar. com) was founded in 2001 by the E-Ton Group; a multinational conglomerate dedicated to producing sustainable technology and energy solutions and was listed on the Taiwan OTC stock exchange in 2006.

At the end of 2010, the production capacity was 560 MW per annum and a capacity increase to 820 MW is foreseen for 2011. Shipments of solar cells were reported at 420 MW for 2010.

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Sun Earth Solar Power Co. Ltd. (PRC)

Sun Earth Solar Power (www. nbsolar. com/), or NbSolar, has been part of China’s PuTian Group since 2003. The company has four main facilities for silicon production, ingot manufacturing, system integration, and solar system production. According to company information, Sun Earth has imported solar cell and module producing and assembling lines from America and Japan.

In 2007, Sun Earth Solar Power relocated to the Ningbo high-tech zone, with the global headquarters of Sun Earth Solar Power. There the company produces wafers, solar cells, and solar modules. The second phase of

production capacity expansion to 350 MW was completed in 2009. Further expansion is planned from 450 MW in 2010, 700 MW in 2011, and 1 GW in

2011. For 2010, shipments of 421 MW were reported [24].

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Solar World AG (German/USA)

Since its founding in 1998, Solar World (www. solarworld. de/) has changed from a solar system and components dealer to a company covering the whole PV value chain, from wafer production to system installations. The company now has manufacturing operations for silicon wafers, cells, and modules in Freiberg, Germany, and Hillsboro (OR), USA. Additional solar module production facilities exist in Camarillo (CA), USA, and since 2008 with a joint venture between Solarworld and SolarPark Engineering Co. Ltd. in Jeonju, South Korea.

For 2010, solar cell production capacities in Germany were reported at 250 MW and 500 MW in the USA. Total cell production in 2010 was 451 MW, with 200 MW coming from Germany and 251 MW from the USA.

In 2003, the Solar World Group was the first company worldwide to i...

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Renewable Energy Corporation AS (Norway/Singapore)

REC’s (www. recgroup. com/) vision is to become the most cost-efficient solar energy company in the world, with a presence throughout the whole value chain. REC is presently pursuing an aggressive strategy to this end. Through its various group companies, REC is already involved in all major aspects of the PV value chain. The company located in H0vik, Norway, has five business activities, ranging from silicon feedstock to solar system installations.

REC ScanCell is located in Narvik, producing solar cells. From the start-up in 2003, the factory has been continuously expanding. In 2010, production of solar cells was 452 MW, with a capacity at year end of 180 MWp in Norway and 550 MW in Singapore.

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Neo Solar Power Corporation (Taiwan)

Neo Solar Power (www. neosolarpower. com/) was founded in 2005 by Pow – erChip Semiconductor, Taiwan’s largest DRAM company, and went public in October 2007. The company manufactures mono – and multicrystalline silicon solar cells and offers their SUPERCELL multicrystalline solar-cell brand with

16.8% efficiency. Production capacity of silicon solar cells at the end of 2010 was 820 MW, and the expansion to more than 1.3 GW is planned for 2011. In 2010, the company had shipments of about 500 MW.

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Hanwah Solar One (PRC/South Korea)

Hanwah Solar One (www. hanwha-solarone. com) was established in 2004 as Solarfun Power Holdings, by the electricity meter manufacturer, Lingyang Electronics, the largest Chinese manufacturer of electric power meters. In 2010, the Korean company, Hanwha Chemical, acquired 49.99% of the shares and a name change was performed in January 2011. The company produces silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells, and solar modules. The first production line was completed at the end of 2004 and commercial production started in November 2005. The company went public in December 2006 and reported the comple­tion of its production capacity expansion to 360 MW in the second quarter of 2008.

As of 30 April 2011, the company reported the following capacities: 1 GW PV module production capacity, 700 MW of cell pr...

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Canadian Solar Inc. (PRC)

Canadian Solar Inc. was founded in Canada in 2001 and was listed on NASDAQ in November 2006. CSI has established six wholly owned manufacturing subsidiaries in China, manufacturing ingot/wafer, solar cells and solar modules. According to the company, it had 200 MW of ingot and wafer capacity, 800 MW cell capacity and 1.3 GW module manufacturing capacity in 2010. The company reports that it is on track to expand their solar cell capacity to 1.3 GW and the module manufacturing capacity to 2 GW, including 200 MW in Ontario, Canada, in 2011. For 2010, the company reported production of 522 MW solar cells and sales of 803 MW of modules.

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SunPower Corporation (USA/Philippines/Malaysia)

SunPower (http://us. sunpowercorp. com/) was founded in 1988 by Richard Swanson and Robert Lorenzini to commercialise proprietary high-efficiency silicon solar cell technology. The company went public in November 2005. SunPower designs and manufactures high-performance silicon solar cells, based on an inter-digitated rear-contact design for commercial use. The initial products, introduced in 1992, were high-concentration solar cells with an efficiency of 26%. SunPower also manufactures a 22% efficient solar cell, called Pegasus, that is designed for non-concentrating applications.

SunPower conducts its main R&D activity in Sunnyvale, California, and has its cell manufacturing plant outside of Manila in the Philippines, with

590 MW capacity (Fab. No 1 and No 2). Fab. No...

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