Category: Next Generation Photovoltaics High efficiency through full spectrum utilization

Trends in the development of solar photovoltaics

Zh I Alferov and V D Rumyantsev Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, 26 Polytechnicheskaya, 194021, St Petersburg, Russia 2.1 Introduction Current civilization is based on mankind’s economic and social experience of the organization of life, accumulated over thousands of years, resulting in increasing material consumption but also providing energy and information benefits. Radical alterations in the material […]

Will PV electricity reach costs sufficiently low to permit a wide penetration?

Reaching the penetration level assigned in the preceding scenario exercise implies that PV electricity has to reduce its cost to levels that makes it possible for it to compete with other electricity production technologies. Indeed, an energy technology is not adopted on cost considerations alone. Its choice has largely to do with why this technology […]

Non-conventional photovoltaic technology: a need to reach goals

Antonio Luque and Antonio Marti Istituto de Energia Solar, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid ETSI Telecomunicacion, Ciudad Universitaria s/n, 28040, Madrid, Spain 1.1 Introduction This book is the result of a workshop celebrated in the splendid mountain residence of the Polytechnic University of Madrid next to the village of Cercedilla, near Madrid. There, a group of […]

Next Generation Photovoltaics High efficiency through full spectrum utilization

This book results from a meeting that took place in Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain in March 2002. The meeting was about new ideas that could lead us to better use of the solar spectrum with the ultimate goal of achieving superior photovoltaic devices and, consequently, a reduction in their price. The meeting, despite being short, was […]