Category: Photovoltaics for Rural Development in Latin America: A Quarter Century of Lessons Learned

Influences of working fluids on two-stage collectors

Economical and technological performances as well as collector efficiency have to be taken into consideration to evaluate the low temperature solar thermal power system with two – stage collectors. However, this work is concerned about influences of working fluids on heat collection and power conversion efficiency. In addition to key factors such as irradiation and […]

Results and discussion

The parameters for simulation are listed in table 2. The collectors and turbine are key issues of the low temperature solar thermal power system and the performance is proposed according to market available product [20, 21, 22]. The second-stage heat storage medium appropriate for the low temperature solar thermal electric system could be erythritol, which […]

Heat transfer between conduction oil and working fluid

Thermal efficiency of FPCs can be calculated directly by the inlet and outlet temperatures of working fluid, according to Eq.14. On the other hand, thermal efficiency of CPC collectors is determined by the heat transfer process in the evaporator. The temperature relationship between working fluid and conduction oil must be established. This section focuses on […]

Equations developed for total thermal efficiency of the collector system

The FPC or CPC collector module available in the market has an effective area of approximately 2.0 m2 . Its thermal efficiency can be expressed by the following equation: П = П -|(T – T“) –B(T – Ta)2 (7) Solar thermal electric generation system may demand tens or hundreds of collectors in series, and the […]