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Principle of Membrane Distillation

The principle setup of membrane distillation (MD) is based on a hydrophobic, microporous membrane as shown in figure 1. Due to the high surface tension of the polymeric membrane materials, liquid water is retained from entering the pores while molecular water in the vapor phase can pass through. A hydrophobic membrane is characterized by the […]

System Concept With Storage Tank

If the simulation results of the reference cases are plotted as a function of the utilization ratio, all simulated points almost fall onto a single line that is decreasing with increasing utilization ratio. Towards the left, the collector area is increased, to the right it is decreased. The larger the collector area and the smaller […]

Some actual examples

Since 2004 Paradigma has been providing solar-thermal systems which are operated and connected to the conventional systems like the existing boiler. Since 2006 about 50 installations have been put into operation including the FESTO instalment, a 1,330 m2 CPC-ETC-field, the worldwide largest of its kind, providing heat for the largest adsorption chiller in the world […]

Solar ORC without backup system

A preliminary assessment of the dimensioning of both solar field and storage system is based in the simulation results obtained for a system without backup energy. This assessment is based in two parameters: the capacity factor, CF (the ratio of annual values of mechanical energy produced by the solar cycle and the maximum mechanical energy […]

Development of process heat collectors for Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (IEA-SHC Task 33 SHIP)

Matthias Rommel Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Heidenhofstr. 2, 79110 Freiburg, Germany matthias. rommel@ise. fraunhofer. de Abstract A large share of the energy which is needed in commercial and industrial companies for production processes is below 250°C. Solar collectors for the temperature level up to 80°C are already on the market. But new […]

The heat transfer medium water

Since 2003 PARADIGMA has been using water as heat exchange medium with the so called AquaSystem. Frost protection is ensured by unutilized low-temperature heat from the installation. Because of the low heat losses of the CPC vacuum tube collectors only a small amount of energy (about 2 to 4 % of the yearly gain in […]