Category: EuroSun2008-2

The heat transfer medium water

Since 2003 PARADIGMA has been using water as heat exchange medium with the so called AquaSystem. Frost protection is ensured by unutilized low-temperature heat from the installation. Because of the low heat losses of the CPC vacuum tube collectors only a small amount of energy (about 2 to 4 % of the yearly gain in […]

Demand of Thermal Process Heat

If the thermal process heat demand in industrialised countries is analysed, one recognises that there are two ranges of temperatures with a high industrial heat demand: one at a temperature range of 800°C and one in the range up to 250°C. This latter temperature range offers good conditions for the application of solar thermal collectors […]

System design

The system design follows two different approaches. The first one is the “Compact System” for very low fresh water capacities between 100 and 500 l/day. The second one is a “Two-Loop System” for higher capacities. Compact System The low thermal capacity of MD-modules enables a quick change of feed volume flow and operation temperature without […]

Comparison of System Concepts

To compare the solar fractions that are reached with and without a conventional storage tank, the ranges of solar fractions from both nomograms are shown in a single diagram in Figure 7. Because of the limited storage capacities of the concrete slab, significantly larger collector areas are necessary to reach the same high solar fractions […]

Function control

Among other disadvantages with conventional solar collector systems there is the problem that nobody realizes if they work badly or not at all or even if a forthcoming failure is near. It is suspected that at least one forth of all solar collector systems (in Germany) is practically out of order or has even more […]