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Potential for future applications

In spite of the current small contribution to the worldwide installed solar thermal power, the potential for providing heat to industrial application is really relevant. Looking at this new promising market, several studies on the potential for solar industrial process heat have been recently performed in different countries such as Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy and […]

The collector gain and the cardinal point

The optimal orientation of a collector (e. g. south, tilted according to the latitude) is often not to choose. To take into account the local conditions (roof slope, roof orientation, site orientation) it often needs a compromise. CPC vacuum tube collectors have the advantage that they can compensate an unfavourable orientation with the smallest additional […]

. Modellization

The main purpose of the drying tests is to obtain a mathematical model that describes the performance of the dryer under any given condition. The drying curves can be modelled using theoretical or semi-theoretical equations [8]. The model expressions concern the simultaneous heat and mass transfer equations that describes the process. Moisture ratio equation is […]

Optical Design of a High Radiative Flux Solar Furnace for Mexico

C. Estrada1*, D. Riveros-Rosas1, J. Herrera-Vazquez2, Sergio Vazquez-Montiel2, Camilo A. Arancibia-Bulnes1, C. Perez-Rabago1, F. Granados-Agustfn. 1 Centro de Investigation en Energia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Av. Xochicalco s/n; Temixco, 62580 Morelos, Mexico. 2 Institute Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica. Luis Enrique Erro 1, Tonantzintla, A. P. 216, 72000 Puebla, Mexico. * Corresponding author, […]

Implementation of the model

Modern computer based simulation models have been developed and adapted to analyze the performance of solar-hybrid gas turbines in commercial system size [4]. Software tools have been developed for combined heliostat field and receiver layout. Some very interesting results have been presented by modeling the power plant with TRNSYS using the STEC model library for […]