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Photovoltaic Concentrators – Fundamentals, Applications, Market & Prospective

Andrea Antonini CPower Srl Italy 1. Introduction The main obstacles for the photovoltaic energy to be competitive with standard energy sources are 3: the low efficiency, intended as low density of energy production for occupied area, the high cost of the constituting materials and the variability of the production which is correlated to the meteorological […]

Light level and colour suitable for museum illumination

The museum demonstrator employed a combination of solar light and other sources, represented by white LED with high emission levels at low supplying power (DGA product number 700001.31 "1W fixed LED gem", ref. www. dga. it). Museum object illumination has specific requirements on illuminance levels, light colour and light distribution uniformity. The first task was […]

Plastic lens exposure to atmospheric agents and UV irradiation

The solar lens with anti-reflection coating was tested in various atmospheric conditions to estimate the endurance of the treatment. An obvious negative effect was the deposit of raindrops or dust on the upper lens surface. However, the most disturbing effect appeared to be water condensation on the lower lens surface, occurring in sunny weather or […]