Category: Solar Collectors and Panels, Theory and Applications

Solar cells assemblies

In general, the cells for concentration are assembled on supporting substrates, treated similarly to bare dies in electronic technology. So, the process is completely different to that for standard PV assembling, but can take advantages by the huge progresses, standardizations and experiences collected during the last decades by the electronic devices industry. Depending on the […]

Solar cells of III-V materials

The highest conversion efficiency for solar cells has been obtained with the multijunctions approach. Through epitaxial growth the deposition of crystalline layers of compound semiconductors is possible whenever specific requirements on the lattice parameter are satisfied (Yamaguchi, 2002). Many layers of different semiconductors are stacked in order to create a structure where the first layers […]

Luminescent concentrators

The aforementioned solutions and methods to concentrate the light are not the only developed for photovoltaic applications. One important limitation of these designs is the necessity to use tracking structure to follow the sun. This constrain must not be considered always a limitation; indeed, especially for utility scale installations, tracking structure are used for standard […]