Category: Solar Cells: Materials, Manufacture and Operation

Monitoring of Solar Array Performance in Space

Monitoring of solar arrays in space is mainly needed to verify that their performance meets the spacecraft power requirements for planned operations Table 2 Mechanical/physical characterisation tests on space solar cells Test name or phys./charact. Purpose Test method Requirements Visual inspection Find solar cell or component obvious defects Unaided eye or low magnification (5x-10x) Several […]

Monitoring of Space Solar Cells and Arrays

3.1 Flight Experiments Several flight experiments have been conducted with solar cells/coupons in order to verify their endurance to the space environment and ground radiation testing assessment. Most of the flight experiments measure main electrical parameters of the cells and coupons (Isc, Voc, and power at certain voltage, full I­V curve), sun aspect angle and […]

Electrostatic Discharge

Dielectric solar array surfaces, mainly solar cell coverglass and kapton layers, are subject to electrostatic charging due to geomagnetic substorm activity or by the spacecraft surrounding plasma. Subsequent sudden electrostatic discharge (ESD) effects may permanently damage solar array components [60]. Coverglasses are coated with conductive coatings (i. e. ITO) and grounded [61] to lighten charging […]