Category: Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen Fueled Power Plants

Hydrogen can be used efficiently as fuel for thermoelectric power plants. In 2010, Italy’s largest electricity utility (Enel) opened the world’s first hydrogen power combined cycle plant near Venice (Figure 4.15). Hydrogen is supplied using specially built pipelines from the nearby Polimeri Europa petrochemical plant, where ethylene-cracking is carried out. The 12 MW power plant […]

Solar Hydrogen Utilization

4.1 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines Invented in 1839, the hydrogen fuel cell has been employed widely since the early 1960s in space probes to generate onboard electricity, water and heat. Indeed, in the fuel cell the controlled reaction of hydrogen with oxygen yields electricity, heat, and water, directly converting into elec­trical energy the chemical energy […]

Solar Hydrogen and the Electron Economy

According to the US National Academy of Engineering, the electric grid was the most significant engineering achievement of the 20th century.38 The interconnected series of transmission wires, metal towers, voltage converting substations and their associated control structure that make up the electric grid is of course existing infrastructure of immense value (Figure 3.26). It will […]