Category: Concentrating solar power technology

SOLREF reactor

A solar thermochemical reactor for the reforming of natural gas to hydro­gen was designed, fabricated and operated in the scope of the European project SOLREF (Fig. 20.7). Based on the experience obtained in a previ­ous project (SOLASYS), in which the ‘proof-of-concept’ of solar steam reforming was demonstrated, an advanced reactor was developed in the SOLREF […]

Solar hydrogen from thermochemical water splitting

Direct thermal water-splitting (Eq. [20.11]) is a reaction that requires very high temperatures (>2000°C). 2H2O + Energy ^ 2H2 + O2 [20.11] The reduction of the temperature of the water-splitting reaction can be achieved via thermochemical cycles based on redox pairs. One of the earliest investigations for multi-step hydrogen production from water-splitting was by Funk […]