Category: Concentrating solar power technology

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from the metallurgical industry

Another sector that consumes a lot of electricity and heat and thus is also responsible for a large share of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is the metallurgical industry. It was estimated (in Steinfeld and Meier, 2004) that by replacing the non-renewable energy in the technology used for processing of aluminum (which requires very high temperatures […]

Waste processing

Besides solar fuels that can replace fossil fuels in various applications, con­centrated solar energy may also be used directly to satisfy thermal or power needs of various processes. For instance, solar energy could be incorporated in the sector of waste treatment that comprises another modern-day man­agement problem that deals with hazardous compounds. After basic pro­cessing, […]

Other applications of industrial solar chemistry

20.6.1 Closed-loop energy storage systems The utilization of the solar potential via thermochemical processes can be applied to closed-loop energy storage systems for the storage and transpor­tation of solar energy, as discussed in Chapter 11. The idea of closed-loop energy storage was first suggested in the 1970s and it involved gas phase reactions in endothermic […]

Ongoing research into solar fuels

The ‘European hydrogen and fuel cell roadmap’ introduced by the Euro­pean Commission considers hydrogen as the most feasible solution to achieve independence from fossil fuels. However, currently hydrogen pro­duction employs fossil fuels (i. e., natural gas), and therefore has the undesir­able side effects of the use of carbonaceous materials. For this reason, the European roadmap […]