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The final confirmation of the different crystalline structure among the samples comes from the TEM images and ED measurements. Figure 13.5 shows the cross-sectional TEM images and the ED pattern of samples implanted with 5-1016 down to 1015 cm-2 doses, and annealed at 0.8 J cm-2. For the three first images, Fig. 13.5a-c, we can […]


Figure 13.3 shows the X-ray diffractograms at 0.4° glancing angle for the samples PLM annealed at 0.8 J cm-2 and implanted with different doses. For the samples implanted with the highest doses (1016 and 5-1016 cm-2), two diffraction peaks at 47.1 and 55.9° can be observed. For the sample with a dose of 5×1015 cm-2, […]


13.3.1 Structural Characterization ToF-SIMS Profiles Figure 13.2 shows the Ti depth profiles for implanted samples at 1014, 1015, 5-1015, 1016 and 5-1016cm-2 after a PLM process at 0.8 Jcm-2. As comparison we have plotted also the profile for the non-annealed samples with doses of 1015 and 1016 cm-3. As it can be seen, Ti […]


300 |rm silicon (111) n-type samples (|x = 1,450cm2 V-1s-1; n = 2.2-1013 cm-3 at room temperature) were implanted in an Ion Beam Services (IBS) refurbished VARIAN CF3000 Ion Implanter at 30KeV with Ti at high doses (1014,1015, 5-1015, 1016 and 5-1016 cm-2). Then the implanted Si samples were annealed by means of the PLM […]

Ion Implant Technology for Intermediate Band Solar Cells

Javier Olea, David Pastor, Maria Toledano Luque, Ignacio Martil, and German Gonzalez Diaz Abstract This chapter describes the creation of an Intermediate Band (IB) on single crystal silicon substrates by means of high-dose Ti implantation and sub­sequent Pulsed Laser Melting (PLM). The Ti concentration over the Mott limit is confirmed by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass […]